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Cosmana Navara
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A traditional 17th-century Maltese townhouse in the suburb of Mdina.

Cosmana Navarra is a traditional Maltese 17th-century townhouse located in the suburb of Mdina. The building belonged to Cosmana Navarra (1600-1687) who was the main benefactress of the rebuilding of the Rabat parish church of St. Paul. The house is found right in front of the Parish church on the main touristic footpath from Mdina to St Paul’s Catacombs,  opposite the The Wignacourt Museum. It has a vernacular facade, that includes a closed timber balcony and two neoclassic columns. On the inside it features baroque architecture including the coat-of-arms of the family, the decorative archways from a room to the other, the former courtyard and several spacious rooms upstairs.


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